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Aster Electric

The ASTER ELECTRIC reclining chair is fitted with electrically adjustable backrest and footrest section. It was designed to support a patient in a seated or lying position as appropriate to the therapy, medical surveillance, treatment, compensation for injury or disability. Aster Electric is intended for use within private housholds as well as in social care institutions, senior’s homes and hospitals.


Key features:

  • easy-to-use
  • provides comfort
  • WINGS type backrest providing comfortable support for head
  • Backrest angle regulation 114˚ do 126˚ and footrest angle regulation according to users needs
  • Mobility – equipped with four wheels TENTE (two with brakes)
  • Side and back pocket in standard version
  • Finished with highest quality materials, wide range of colours
  • Waterproof and easily cleanable upholster
  • Electric mechanism
  • Remote control located in loop placed on the recliners side
  • Solid steel construction
  • Max. safe working load – 158 kg


Basic dimension:

Overall (width x height x depht) 69 × 104 × 85 69 × 104 × 154
Seat (width x depht) 51 × 53 51 x 53
Seat height over floor 46cm
Backrest (width x height) 52 x 70
Backrest angle 114˚ 126˚


Upholstery from Vienna Collection:

Upholstery from CADET Zest Collection
(Presented colours have an indicative character. For full range of availiable colours please contact with sales department)


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