Split side rails – new option for LEO rehabilitation beds

Following the market requirements and modern design on the health care market we invented Leo bed. It meets the highest world’s standards and provides full support for disable patients and people who need long term care. In LEO ‘S’ bed we used split side rails system. This solution provides easy acces to patient while maintaining high level of safety.


Characterisctic of Leo “S” bed
Pantograph construction – we use a unique pantograph construction to give a flexibility and modern look to the bed. All the electrical items like actuators and control box are hidden under the mattress platform and are not visible for the user.
Wooden frame independent from construction – The new bed’s construction is independent from the wooden frame, which could be replaced for the new one, without interfering in bed’s functions.
Wide height adjustment  – construction used in Leo bed allows to achive  very wide height adjustment range. This solution combines standard bed with it`s low version.

Solid bed frame gives you a real stability and at the same time a light design.


Basic dimensions:

overall width x lenght 105x206cm
mattress platform
width x lenght
matching mattress 90x200cm


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