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The construction of the bed is made of steel profile coated in a durable powder coated finish which is resistant to mechanical damage. A four segment mattress platform consists of steel slats with width of 40mm which is easy to maintain the cleanliness and disinfection. Actuators at each end allow the mattress platform to be positioned at variable heights. Further actuators beneath the platform allow full profiling capability of the backrest and knee break features. Trendelenburg and reverse Trendelenburg movements are allowed by electrical actuators located at the column system. The bed is operated via a touch button control handset which may be also “locked” by the magnetic key to prevent all available operations. Electrically operated Auto-contour allows positioning the same height of backrest and kneeing break in one time which prevents bed occupant from moving towards the bed end and set the most comfortable position. Head foot boards are manufactured as steel tubes covered with a durable powder coated finish together with waterproof, double-side laminated board. The bed is supplied with a four break castors for added safety. Four bumper wheels in each bed corners prevent the bed from damages.  The bed is equipped with metal siderails , 3-section, which lower along the bed frame.

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