Rehabilitation beds - LEO - LEO WIDE


INCREASED BED WIDTH – new product on market

Leo WIDE is a version of standard Leo bed, where beds mattress platform width is increased (without changing main construction).This solution is perfect for those patients who expect more comfort. 


Key features:

  • Increased bed width: 110cm for mattress pratform and 127cm overall
  • Pantograph construction, which gives a flexibility and modern look to the bed. All the electrical items like actuators and control box are hidden under the mattress platform and are not visible for the user.
  • The new bed’s construction is independent from the wooden frame, which could be replaced for the new one, without interfering in bed’s functions.
  • Wide range of adjustment helps medical staff to take a good care of their patients and provides additional safety for the bed users.
  • Solid bed frame gives you a real stability and at the same time a light design.


Basic dimensions:

overall width x lenght 127 x 208cm
mattress platform width x lenght 110 x 200cm

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