Anti-bedstore mattress Hyper Foam Plus is produced by German company- Medical Funke AG. It has wide range of features, which make this mattress  ideal choice for patients with III stage decubituss risk and perfect addition to rehabilitation beds. It can also be used in pain therapy.


Key features:

  • Hyperelastic foam core (with longitudinal and diagonal intersections). Mattress is 14cm high, made of two layers – every layer has different density. This solution has positive effect on patient`s spine health.
  • Exceptional ventilation system for an ideal microclimate (with longitudinal and diagonal intersections) – very important feature in decubitus
  • Weight capacity 20kg to 140kg 
  • Waterproof but breathable incontinence cover ensures an excellent microclimate
  • 3 years guarantee

Availiable sizes*:

width lenght height
78cm 187cm 14cm
90cm 200cm 14cm

*ordering mattress on individual dimension is possible but it delivery time is longer in this option.

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